Fun Soy has landed in Hong Kong!

This is a momentous time for us here at Fun Soy. Earlier in the year we were approached by distributor Question/Therefore in Asia; a valiant ambassador of our brand ever since then. They have been instrumental in securing us an order with high end lifestyle select store Kapok, founded in 2006 with a goal to discover and bring to Asia ‘future classics’.

In this vein we feel both excited and hopeful that our strong ‘Asian grade’ unique flavour sensations will soon be a new classic amongst Kapok’s customers. We couldn't be prouder to have all three flavours of Fun Soy eminently displayed on their shelves.

It's an honour of immeasurable proportions for us. Having a prestigious Asian store choose to stock our soy sauces, made in London, approximately 6000 miles away from where soy sauce originated on that same continent, is something we just about dared to dream. And now we couldn't be more grateful to all those who helped make this a part of Fun Soy’s reality!

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